Who we are

With over 35 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction

Galiawa Group is one of the largest groups of companies in Iraq. We are group encompassing a portfolio of market leading businesses/divisions with a primary focus on trading and manufacturing of building materials, property development, construction, and we have recently diversified into higher education. We started out under the name Salahaddin in the 1980s but changed our name to Galiawa in 2001. We deliver public and private sector projects and have proven ourselves to be experts across a broad range of market sectors for over 40 years. Over the years, Galiawa has worked with a number of prestigious clients, including the Government of Iraq (GOI), Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the U.S government, various UN organizations, and a number of international non-governmental organizations. At Galiawa, we have a bold vision to shape the future into something extraordinary. We have built a legacy over four decades for innovative products and forward-thinking solutions that have made a positive impact to the construction industry and the wider community. From cutting-edge technology to creative building solutions, Galiawa offers innovative products, extensive resources, and unparalleled customer service.

Team Working Dedicatedly

We have 35+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below

Our core values

Providing Full Range of High Services Solution

Our core values are long-held, and the root of our culture and purpose at Galiawa.

The customer comes first

We view all our stakeholders as customers; our workers, our supply chain, our shareholders and every community we contribute to in the building environment.

Talented people are key to our success

It is vital to identify talent that is most suited to our business. Once we recruit these individuals, we put a great deal into developing and retaining them.

We must know things that other people don’t

The only way to separate yourself from your competitors is to know things that they don’t.

Consistent achievement is key to our future

Perfect delivery every time is not an option but a necessity.

Our Experts

We Will Serve You With The Best of Our Capacity By Expert Team