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Galiawa Construction Company, established in 2003, is one of the leading construction companies in Iraq. We aim to work in partnership with our clients and the designers, subcontractors and suppliers who form our supply chain. Our goal on all our projects is to obtain our clients complete satisfaction by performing our work for the most competitive price, with the highest quality and within the schedule requirements.


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Health and Safity StatementQuality Assurance/Control Policy

Our Qualitative Targets

Our qualitative targets are expressed in Galiawa’s zero vision:

  1. Zero loss-making projects. Loss makers not only destroy profitability, but also affect customer relationships.
  2. Zero accidents, whereby the safety of our personnel as well as subcontractors, suppliers and general public is ensured.
  3. Zero environmental incidents, which mean our project, should be executed in a manner that minimizes environmental impact.
  4. Zero defects, with the double aim of improving the bottom line and increasing customer satisfaction.

The qualitative targets, as expressed in the four zeros, reflect our core values. The four zeros, as well as the outperform financial targets; provide the basis for incentive systems at various levels within Galiawa.

Galiawa have a long and proud record of delivering a wide variety of projects of all sizes throughout the Iraq. with expertise in construction, development of commercial and residential projects. We carry out all aspects of construction, development and infrastructure process from financing projects, through design and construction, right through to facilities management, operation and maintenance. The Group has a highly experienced and qualified professional team which includes senior project managers, qualified engineers and technical staff.

Our Construction Area includes but not limited to:

  1. Construction of Multi Story buildings
  2. Construction of residential complexes
  3. Construction of commercial buildings
  4. Construction of School, Hospitals and HealthCare
  5. Construction of Hotels, leisure centers and restaurants
  6. Construction of water projects
  7. Oilfield Construction Services
  8. Construction of camps
  9. Construction of Roads and Bridges
  10. Construction of Irrigation projects
  11. Renovation Projects

The strength of our established relationships across the industry and our detailed knowledge of market conditions allow us to advise in areas such as works packaging strategies and specialist contractors. We are also able to propose alternative materials or construction methods where we believe they can bring benefits.

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