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Sales and Distribution of Cement:

Galiawa group of companies was established in 1983 and started out as a small company with only 10 trucks for Cement transportation throughout a small area in Kurdistan. Galiawa started evolving, expanding and growing their facilities, to transport and sell Cement locally and country wise. Galiawa then built a Cement factory that provided it with branches in several governorates in Iraq, and that factory is considered the first of its kind capacity wise and the productions have taken out there.

Galiawa now owns an able administration with great experience in the market of the field and qualified employees. The employees also have a wide field of experience in sales, accounting, and managing in Galiawa in which counts to over 150 personnel including administrators, drivers, accountants, and technicians.

The Sales and Distribution of Cement unit are considered mainstay and backbone of Galiawa because of the distinction and efficiency, in which Galiawa through its vast set of skills manages to get Cement from the farthest point north of Iraq all the way to the farthest south. The effectiveness of this is partly due to the large fleet of trucks dedicated from both flat and silo trucks are made available. These trucks, over 245 vehicles, are the latest and most advanced models that are always ready to deliver, other than the fact that another 245 can be rented in almost a day. Cement sales of Galiawa have reached up to 3 million tons in one year, and it is in our mission and vision to sell up to 5 million tons of Cement in a year soon.

Regarding Galiawa’s trucks, we provided it with GPS System in order to be able to reach these trucks in case of any issue while delivering cement to customers.

Galiawa has 670 agents and the number of agents is noticeably increasing, that is, of course, a result of the quality Galiawa brings and of course the services provided. Also, the continuity and our style of work are also the other two reasons behind that. Many major companies in Kurdistan that we have worked with through the dedicated contracts have provided us with great feedback, along with the companies recently signed with.


  • Cement Factories

    Cement factories we deal with:

    • Lafarge ( French)
    • Cimko ( Turkish)
    • Kar (Local)
    • Mass (Local)
    • Mardine ( Turkish)
    • Tasloga (Local)
    • Gasin (Local)
    • Delta (Local)
  • Cement Supply

    Types of Cement We supply:
    Oil well cement class G/H.S.R Type:
    For this type of cement, Galiawa is the exclusive distributer Agent in Iraq for ÇIMKO Factory which is located in Turkey. 


    API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement:
     Specifications for well cements were established by the API (American Petroleum Institute), because the conditions to which Portland cement is exposed in wells can differ radically from those experienced in construction applications. There are currently six classes of API Well Cements, designated A, B, C, D, G and H, according to the depth of the well, the temperature and pressure. Within some classes, cements with varying degrees of sulfate resistance (as determined by C3A content) are sanctioned: ordinary (0), moderate sulfate resistance (MSR) and high sulfate resistance (HSR). CIMKO produces API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement. It is certified by API as per API Spec. 1OA standard. It is available in high sulfate resistance type.
    API, Class G (HSR) Type Oil Well Cement APPLICATION AREAS:
    API Well Cement, which can be used under particular requirements like high temperature and pressure, shows high processability and mechanical properties on drilling applications. This special type of cement is primarily aimed to be used for depth petroleum and natural gas well cementing.

    It is used also for sealing water wells, waste disposal wells, and geothermal wells.

    Packaging :
    API Class G (HSR) cement can be supplied in, big bags (Jumbo Bag) 1.5 ton.
    We now offer bags with a single lifting loop as an integral part of the carrier bag. Single lifting loop makes handling faster and safer.
    According to some of our costumers’ desire to transfer sacks to bulk, we created a completed vibrating filtering system using different sizes of sieves to ensure the clearance of bulk cement loaded to silo busses from any type of rocks or hardened pieces of cement.
    We created this system to transfer jumbo cement sacks to bulk due to the desire of some of our customers to supply them bulk well oil cement instead of jumbo bags.

    API Class G (HSR) cement


    • Thickening Times controllable with additives to enable placement to 550º F (287º C).
    • Excellent Retarder Response for higher economic benefit in mix design.
    • Low Free Fluids for cement integrity and durability.
    • High Sulfate Resistance for high durability under harsh conditions.
    • Non-Setting for uniformity in the column.
    • Consistent Quality for slurry design portability.

    OPC Cement ( Sacks & Bulk):

    CEM II:

    SRC Cement ( Sacks & Bulk):

  • Maintenance Sector

    Maintenance Sector

    Considering the large fleet of trucks owned by Galiawa, the fleet is maintained with the best and most advanced techniques available carried out by highly qualified mechanics. Two workshops have been built other than several mobile workshops available that are able to be moved anywhere required, in case any machinery broke down. In addition, Galiawa has installed fuel stations in several locations to reduce costs and speed the process up.

    The current workshop available in Makhmoor/Erbil is considered from the best, biggest and most advanced workshops in the area with up to 40 employees. The area dedicated to this workshop, the mechanics and technicians who work there, the technologically up to date machinery, and the huge spare parts storage are all factors why this workshop is the best. All the time, money and focus invested in this workshop is to ensure the safety of our employees as well as our agents’. Also, to ensure that the customers get the products on time.

    We also have 2 completed maintenance centers allocated in two logistic locations around Erbil city to provide full maintenance services to our trucks in order to ensure safe delivery and exact delivery dates and timing to our customers.

    The 1st center includes truck smoothing, exchanging spear parts, tires punch repair, tires exchange, fueling, oil exchange, trucks washing, and trucks wireman services.

    The 2nd one includes everything related mechanical services, such as engine maintenance,  brake maintenance, and gear maintenance.


  • Cement Store

    Our group owns now cement storage stores in Erbil with a storage capacity of 25000 tons.  As for Well oil cement, we have special stores of 10000 tons storage capacity.

    These stores are provided with all standard methods to ensure safe storage for our products.

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